DIY tiger tank top !

Aug 25, 2013

Today's post is about a little DIY (Do It Yourself) project. I was clearing out my closet and I found my old gym shirt. No way I was gonna wear that shirt like that, so I made a tank top from it with a tiger print. But you can choose any print design you like.

Things you will need : an old shirt, a fabric marker, a stencil (printed from your pc), an iron, a scissor and a pencil.

lay your shirt on a flat surface
search for a stencil on google
print out the stencil, the size you would like
lay your stencil in the shirt and the black lines
 will see trough the fabric, draw the black lines 

on the shirt with your fabric marker
fill in the black lines

cut off the neckline
and cut off the sleeves

try the top on and mark where you want the
new neckline to be 
do the same thing with the sleeves
decide if you want a v-neck or a round neck stop
and connect the marks with each other and cut off
pull to the sides where you cut for a more clean look
and you're finished ! the only thing you have to do
is iron the top but put something between the top
 and the iron for the first time so it doesn't stick to it

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