DIY tinted lip balm using crayons !

Apr 19, 2014

Hey everyone !
Have you ever thought about using your old crayons again for a totally different purpose? Well you should try these tinted lip balms that are made of crayons. No worries it's totally safe to use it for your lips. There are non toxic waxes and pigments in crayons because the crayons are originally made for toddlers and they like to put every thing in there mouth. They cool thing about this DIY is that you can make literally every color you want, from safe-nude to really-daring-blue.

Things you will need: crayons - lip balms - little containers - cup - cooking pot

Choose the color you want.

Take the paper of the crayon.

Put water in your cooking pot and let it heat up. Then put the crayon and
the lip balm into the little cup. Let it melt completely. 

Once it's melted, take it of the stove, ...

... and pour it into your container. Let it cool completely. 

Voila, you are finished !

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