Top 3 Hair Products !

Apr 2, 2014

Hey guys ! 
I wanted to share with you products that I've incorporated into my hair care regime. My hair care regime consists of ELSÈVE NUTRI-GLOSS LIGHT, CHI SILK INFUSION and FRANCK PROVOST EXPERT PROTECTION. I couldn't live without this products, these are really life savers. 

I use the ELSÈVE NUTRI-GLOSS on damp hair, just spray some on the root of the hair. This leaves my hair very shiny and not so dull. I make sure to use the LIGHT version, the original version really weights my hair down and the light version doesn't do that but gives me alot more volume. This is a drugstore product, so very affordable and definitely worth it.

The CHI SILK INFUSION I use it after styling the hair, so after you used heat on your hair. I use it after I straightened my hair. I take just a little bit on the fingertips of my hand, and I mean just a little little drop. Then you spread it on the ends of your hair. After using this product, my hair literally doesn't budge anymore. Even on cold or humid weather my hair stays frizz free. The only downside of this products is the price, I bought it for 30 euros.

I use the FRANCK PROVOST EXPERT PROTECTION before I straighten my hair. This product protects up to 180°C (or 356°F ). It's very important to use a heat protector on your hair, because of this product I have no longer visible split ends.

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