Current favorites

Jun 10, 2014

Hey everyone ! 

I wanted to share my current favorites to you all. Some of them are new discoveries and others are old favorites. 

1. Miss Dior - Christian Dior:  This is such a lovely parfum. I always grab back to this perfum even though I have a lot of parfum, Miss Dior seems to win every time. It has a warm classy rich smell but it's not overwhelming. Just the right balance between sweet and flowery.

2. Sand Tropez - Essie:  Sand Tropez is that kind of polish which makes you look tanner, and who doesn't want that right ? What I love about Essie is the size of the brush, which makes it so easy to applay your polish. 

3. HoneySuckle HoneyDew - EOS: This is a great lip balm. I wouldn't recommend it for the winter because it's not moisturizing enough for the really cold weather here in Belgium but it's absolutely fantastic for spring/summer to moisturize your lips at the beginning of a long day. 

4. Lord of the Blings 040 - Catrice Made to Stay: These eyeshadows have a special texture, a combination of a creme and a powder. They really do what they are promising, it last all day or night. If you want a bit more smokey eye to it, you can use a normal powder on top without any weird texture effect.

5. Bronze Green and Pearly White 035 - Masters Colors:  This is a wonderful 2 in 1 product. The bronze green side, I use for filling in my eyebrows. The pearly white side is the perfect color for brighting up your waterline or your inner corner of your eye.

6. Rose gold bracelet - Twice as Nice:  The problem you have with rose gold jewelry, they fit with absolutely every thing ! I really have to hold myself back for not wearing the same jewelry look every single day. 

7. Day cream - Nivea:  I like this product so much, it hydrate my skin all day and I have dry skin. Even though it says aqua effect, it's not to liquid but not to thick either. The big plus for this product is the fact that it has SP in it, which saves you time in the morning for not taking an extra step. 

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