All Black !

Sep 26, 2014

Hey Guys ! 

After the blogpost 'All White' I wanted to make a post about 'All Black'. I love wearing black with black, I think it looks so chic. It looks like you have been spending a lot of time thinking about that outfit when you literally just throw black clothes together. To most fun thing what you can do when you have a 'All Black' outfit is to pop some color into it ! And just so subtle so everything is in balance. So today I wore a bright blue necklace but you can do this many different ways like a bracelet or a clutch or maybe a bright hair elastic. I hope you like this outfit ! 

What I'm wearing:

Bershka:  black shirt
Bonprix:  black wedges (shoes)
Bershka:  black clutch
H&M:  two finger ring
JCjewels:  hamsa hand bracelet

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