DIY Jewelry Holder !

Sep 8, 2014

Hey Guys !

Here is a cheap way to hold your jewelry ! And this contains products you already have in your house. No more tangles in your jewelry. Hope you like it ! 

Things you will need:  glue gun or superglue - (leather) fabric - wooden blok - sandpaper - toilet rolls - ruler

Start sanding the wooden blok for a clean edge.

Measure the wooden blok. Cut out but leave about 4 cm or about 2 inch around each side.

Fold the sides around the wooden block. Secure with the hot glue or superglue.
Fold the sides around the wooden block, cut where needed.

Roll the toilet roll into little rods.

Measure the long toilet rolls on the fabric and cut.

Glue the fabric on the sides of the long toilet rolls.

Glue the two toilet rolls to each other. And cover the whole toilet rolls in to fabric.

Now just put the separate pieces together with hot glue or superglue. And voila ! You are finished !

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