DIY jewelry bracelets !

Oct 6, 2014

Hey guys ! 

Today's post is about a little DIY (Do It Yourself) project. I'm going to make 2 cute bracelets. People will think you bought it at a store. I chose for blue and magenta colors because of the fall/autumn season but you can choose what ever color you like. I hope you like it ! 

Things you will need (I found mine on :  
Design 1:  round blue leather cord (50 cm / 19,68 inch) - light blue embroidery thread - 2 jump rings - a clasp - a charm
Design 2:  round dark magenta leather cord (1 m / 39,37 inch) - 4 end cups - 2 jump rings - a clasp

Design 1
Things you will need.

This is actually really simple to make. Take the blue cord and fold it in two.
You wraps the embroidery thread around the cord. Wrap it around one cord and then around two cords.
Repeat that over and over again. Leave a loop and the end.

Place a jump ring into the loop. Attach the clasp to the other end with the embroidery thread.

And voila ! You are finished !  You can attach a charm if you want to.

Design 2
Things you will need.

Cut the magenta cord into 4 pieces. Try and replicate this knot by the picture.
It's not that hard as it looks like, just pay attention where the cord has to be under or above.

Pull at the 4 sides of the knot so it gets thight. And cut the excess cord if it's to long for your wrist 

Secure the end cups to the 4 ends.

Apply pressure and flat the end cups so the cord won't fall off.

At one side you apply a jump ring to the 2 end cups and at the other side you apply a clasp to the 2 end cups.

And then you just have to put it on.

And voila ! You are finished !

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