Guacamole Recipe !

Oct 24, 2014

Hey everyone ! 

This blogpost is about making you own fresh guacomole dip. I ate it with nachos but you can also eat it on a toast or in a burrito, what ever you like. This would be a perfect party snack for when your girls come over or for the holidays because you will probably have enough work to do. The recipe is really easy because there is no wrong, you just throw in what you like. So you don't have to bother about spending hours on your starter snack, plus it's really yummy. 

Things you will need (4 persons):  2 advocados - 1 small red onion - handful of diced tomatoes - half a lime - nachos

Remove the pit and the skin from the advocados.

Crush the advocados.

Chop the onion really small.

Mix the onion and the tomatoes with the advocados.

Squeeze the half lime into the mix.

And now you have the perfect party starter. Bon appétit ! 

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