DIY Fall Wreath !

Nov 14, 2014

Hey everyone !

A few days ago when I was on pintrest and I saw a beautiful fall wreath. But instead of buying something similar, I thought to myself I can make something like that easily myself. I had all the elements already in and around my home! This is literally the easiest DIY ever and it looks amazing !

Things you will need: wreath (or make your own out of little twigs and wire) - green plants - pine cones (different sizes) - glue gun - thin cord

Things you will need

Wrap the green plants around the wreath. Use the thin cord if you needed.

The stem of the green plants will blend in nicely with the wreath.

Use different sizes of pine cones. But keep in mind that the closed pine cones will open if the wreath stands in the sun.

Assemble the pine cones any way you like it. Use different sizes.

When you have ugly glue spots you can hide it with some green leaves.

You can put a candle in the middle and voila you are done ! Hope you like it !

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