DIY Wrapping Christmas Presents !

Dec 10, 2014

Hey everyone !

Today I have a fun DIY for you, which will come in handy this month. One of the most exciting things on Christmas is seeing all those gifts under the tree. This DIY shows you how to step up the Christmas presents wrapping, so that it's even becoming Christmas decoration. This is also a huge tip for the guys, your girl will really appreciated if you put the time and effort to make her present this beautiful and will maybe hide the fact that you bought a last minute present again ;) Yes guys, don't pretend you don't do that ;).

Things you will need: white paper - wrapping paper - pencil - scissors - transparent tape - ribbon - pine branches - pine cones

Design 1: 
Fold the paper like above

Then fold it like so. 

Draw your design, use a pencil so you can erase untill you like it. 

Cut it out with your scissors. 

Then fold it open. You should have a pretty design. 

Stick it on to your present with transparent tape. 

Use some ribbon to finish it of. 

Design 2:
Tie the ribbon around the present. 

Stick the pine branches under the ribbon so it won't fall off. 

Place the pine cones where you like it and secure with transparent tape. 

And voila you are finished ! Doesn't this look beautiful under the Christmas tree?

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