Easy Winter Treat !

Dec 18, 2014

This winter treat is so easy and fun to make. It's perfect for when you have guests over and you have no treats at home. This takes no effort and it's looks super cute. This is also a fun DIY for making with kids.

Things you will need: marshmallows - biscuits - icing sugar - food colours

Things you will need

Put the icing sugar in a bowl and add a few drops of water. Remember, a few drops of water goes a long way ! 

Put the icing on the biscuits.

Put the marshmallows on the icing. Ideally would be that the marshmallows are white, but this works too.

Take a bit of the icing and mix the food colours with it. Create a dark colour and an orange.
Use the stick as your pen to draw it on your marshmallow. 

And voila your super cute winter treat is ready ! Enjoy ! 

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