Garlic Shrimps Recipe !

May 10, 2015

Hey guys !

I recently had a lovely day with one of my best friends at her house. After this lovely day, we topped it of with a BBQ, because it was such nice weather. Her mom made this super deliciously shrimps. I thought, I have to let you guys know the recipe, with her permission ofcourse ;). What makes this super yummy is the wild garlic mix, you can find this at Oil and Vinegar. It's not super difficult to make. You will love this, trust me !

Things you will need: olive oil - balsamic vinegar - wild garlic mix - salt and pepper - shrimps - skewers

Things you will need.

If you are using frozen shrimps, take them out of the freerer early enough.

Put the shrimps on the skewers. Put the ingredients on the shrimps in a bowl, you can adjust it how ever you want. 

Put the shrimps on the BBQ for just a minute. 

And voila, you are done! Doesn't this looks super delicious ? 

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