Sleek White Outfit !

Jun 1, 2015

Hey guys !

Today's look is all about my white all stars. I’m literally obsessed with wearing these. If you have not noticed these all stars are just everywhere in the fashion blogger world and I can't really blame them. I reckon it will be huge this summer season and especially festival season. There is just something super classy about the sleek white sneaker, I can't get over it. I paired it with my holy grail jeans and rolled up the jeans for a more casual look and with my white fury vest and white tee, to tie it all together.

Make sure to check out this awesome online store for your own sleek white converse (or many others):


What I'm wearing:

Primark:  fury vest
Primark:  white tee 
New Look:  jeans
River Island:  nude clutch
Sac D'anvers:  rose gold watch 

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