Wedding Guest to Summer Date !

Jun 23, 2015

Hi Girls ! 

Today's post is all about transforming your wedding guest outfit into a fun summer date outfit. Since wedding season is started I thought this would be a perfect time to address that you can still wear your outfit you wore at the wedding as a bridesmaid or a wedding guest. You can completely chance your look with your accessories. For this post I used a bridesmaid dress from the company Weddington Way, they have a really beautiful bridesmaids dresses collection. You should really check it out ! I paired the dress with some ethnic inspired accessories, since I'm in love with those and know that they'll be absolutely huge this summer. The ethnic vibe screams summer and it's a perfect flirty look for a date. 

What I'm talking about:

Weddington Way:  Bridesmaid dress

3. Essie:  Roarrrrange 
5. Asos Star Mela: Embroidery clutch

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