DIY Marble Clay Dish !

Jul 5, 2015

Hi Everyone ! 

I recently saw this DIY on Pintrest I tought it was gorgeous and wanted to try it out if it really worked or not. In the post they used alot of different colors which are also gorgeous but I'm more a fan of the minimalistic vibe of the white and black marble. But maybe I will try the colored one, because they are so beautiful too. In today's post I tell you step by step on how to make this marble clay dish, which you can use for many things, like in this case, a ringholder. 

Things you will need:  molding (oven) clay in white and black  -  liquid gold  -  rolling pin  -  paintbrush  -  a bowl (that can be put in the oven)  -  flour (optional)

Things you will need.

Roll two large pieces of the white and a tiny baby piece of the black (a little goes a long way).

Twist the three pieces in each other

Than roll the twist in a large roll.

Fold the large roll in two and twist it again. Roll it back in a large roll and repeat it a couple times. 

After you repeated that proces a couple times, make a ball of your clay. 

Put a bit of flour on your workspace so the clay doesn't stick to its surface. (Happened way to much with me.)

Than roll the clay ball out and use a bowl to make a perfect round shape. 

Place the clay carefully over a bowl that can be put in the oven. Than place the clay and the bowl in the oven,
check your packaging to see the instructions on how long you have to bake the clay. 

Wait for the clay to cool down and paint the liquid gold on the edges of the bowl. And voila you are ready ! 

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