My Holiday Essentials !

Jul 29, 2015

Hi Girls !

Next week I'm going on holiday with my boyfriend and some of my bestfriends. So I wanted to share with you what my beauty essentials are on holiday. These are absolute musthaves for me. Also watch out for holiday outfits that are coming soon.

Let's start with the aloe vera aftersun from Yves Rocher. I absolutely love Yves Rocher, the products are always so gentle on my skin, it never breaks me out. Aftersun is an absolute musthave on holiday, after a day of sun your skin needs too soothe down.

Next product is a nailpolish, I recently got this nailpolish: Mac - Delicate for my birthday and I think it's perfect ! This nude color will look super cute with a tan, it even makes you look more tanned than your really are.

An other beauty essential is my Chanel Chance parfum, I take this parfum anywhere with me. I just love the smell, kinda reminds me of previews holidays. Plus I love the bottle, it always looks super cute on the bathroom counter.

Something that can't be missed on vacation is a travel size makeup remover. I got the Lancome Bi-Facial one. Really like the fact that it's oil free, I just can't stand the feeling on my eyes. This is the perfect size, because I tend to over pack all the time, and this kinda prevents that.

I have told you guys about the Chi Silk Infusion before. That's because this is one of my holy grail items, this product seriously saved my life a couple of times (not really , but you get the point ;).This products helps when you go to a humidity environment, it meantens the frizz in your hair so well.

The next product screams summer to me. It's the electric blue eyeliner from H&M. Just draw a small line under your eye and your eyes are gonna pop ! This is really fun way to bring out the color of your eye. Totally summerproof !

The last holiday essential is my EOS lipbalm with SPF. Everybody knows you should be wearing sunscreen on your body all the time. But a lot of people forget to treat there lips equally the same. Trust me, it's no fun getting a sun burn on your lips, so preventing is the answer.

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