What I got for my birthday !

Aug 2, 2015

Hey guys ! 

I recently turned 20, I can't believe where time is going. I had so much fun at my birthday party, surrounded by the people I love. In today's blogpost I wanted to share what I got for my birthday. Since this can give other people maybe idea's on what to ask on their birthday or what to give a friend who's birthday is coming up, or maybe some christmas ideas (to soon ? Ok sorry to soon ;)). Hope you like this post. 

What I'm showing in the picture:

Akai:  vintage radio
Lancôme Hypnose Drama:  mascara
Lancôme:  (travel size) kohl pencil
Mac Delicate:  nailpolish
H&M Home:  giftcard
Lancôme Bi-Facial:  (travel size) makeup remover

I received alot of presents that are to big to fit in this picture or aren't material related. By example: a suitcase for my upcoming holiday, a tripod which I'm using to take this picture (made my life so much easier for taking blogpictures, when there is nobody to help you holding the camera), a ticket to a fairytale park in The Netherlands 'Efteling' (I went there a lot when I was little, so excited to go back. It's truely beautiful over there), a breakfast at choice in Antwerp and many more.

Hope this gives you kinda idea's on what to give your upcoming birthday party. I loved every single present, but the greatest thing was having the people I love around me.

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