Concrete Cactus / Tealight Holder DIY!

Sep 28, 2015

Hi guys !

I recently made a tealight holder out of concrete/cement in the shape of a pillow. I also made this cactus holder ( or tealight holder) out of concrete/cement. I really enjoy working with this material. I just love this rustic feeling that the unfinished concrete/cement gives, especially in combination of the spikey cactus. Kinda gives it a scandinavian vibe in your interior, and I'm in love with that style. Hope you like this DIY, and if you recreate this, please send me pictures on my instagram.

Things you need:  Concrete/cement (quick drying) - Swizzle stick - Container - Cardboard - Cutter and cutting mat - Bottels - Pen - Tape - Cactus - Tealights

Things you will need.
To create a shape like mine, recreate it from this picture. Than cut the shape out of the cardboard.
Fold the shape and seal the sides with tape.
You can also stick cardboard letters on the inside to create a fun twist. 
Read the instructions of your concrete/cement to make it into a paste.
Fill the shapes with the paste. Than place the bottles upside down to create a hole.
Just cut the bottles out.
And voila you are finished ! Hope you like this DIY.

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