My Fall / Autumn Beauty Essentials !

Oct 19, 2015

Hi everyone !

This blogpost is about my fall / autumn essentials beauty-wise. I love this season, everything just gets super cosy. Thanks to the falling leaves, the hot chocolates, fluffy blankets and you can go on about it. Hope you find this blogpost helpful! PS: don't forget to check out my new twitter account: GorisHelena, to get to know when my new blogpost is up on the blog and many more!

As it gets colder there are some essentials you need, like my Body Shop argan oil bodybutter. Your skin needs the moisture that it's losing from the cold weather and argan oil is litterally good for everything! Even for your hair and I also dab a little on my cuticules for a deep treatment.

But not only your skin needs moisture, don't forget about your lips. The cold wind can really ruin your lips and in the worst case it can crack. So I found this Body Shop one with sea butter and it's so good. No more dry lips for me, also very helpful when you have a cold and your lips are more sensitive to crack.

When we jump into fall / autumn I get a new favorite parfum scent. Which has a much more warm, strong feeling to it. Like my Miss Dior from Christian Dior. I got the parfum version because I like that the scent stays longer and you need to use less to get the same intensity than a eau the toilette would.

The last fall / autumn essential is one of the most obvious one. Yes, I'm talking about nailpolish. I got the really beautiful olive green one from OPI (stranger tides). It's like taking the classic nude but with a fall / autumn twist. I also got this dark red or bordaux color from ProNails (great gossip). I'm such a fan of the color but evenmore of the formula, I doesn't chip and last for more than 5 days. Really recomment this brand !

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