DIY Bracelets Cords !

Dec 7, 2015

Hi guys !

I recently received DIY products to make jewelry from EndLessLeather. They had these beautiful cords on the webshop and I decided to make some bracelets out of it. I suggest you get a look on there site to discover jewelry DIY products. I love how the bracelets cames together, one of the few projects that looks really professional made because of the materials. Here is how you make it!

Thing you will need: Stingray Leather Cord - Round Stitched Leather Cord - end cups - jump rings - clasps - superglue

Leather reptile print cord

Stingray Leather Cord
Measures the amount of cord you need and cut it.
Place the endcup on the cord-end with a bit of superglue on the inside to really hold it in place. 
Hook a jumpring and a glasp on the endcup. 
And voila you are finished ! 

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