Smart Knitted !

Dec 19, 2015

Hi girls!

The key to pulling off an all black outfit like this  is mixing and matching materials to add dimension rather than being minimal and flat. Knits are always my go to for adding a bit of texture to any look, but for a casual smart look I can balance them with more delicate pieces. I love the gold necklace on top of my knitted sweater, that glisten when light hits them. It’s subtly is what makes it so alluring and I especially love that the details are still visible when I wear a leather jacket like this one from Zara. It’s these tiny features that make an outfit feel more special.

What I"m wearing:

Zara:  leather jacket
Bonprix:  knitted sweater
Bershka:  black pants
H&M:  ankle boots
Claires:  gold necklace

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