Chocolate mug cake recipe !

Feb 20, 2016

Hi everyone!

I recently found a recipe for a mug cake, since they are everywhere lately. I tought I spice it up by adding cocoa powder for a deliciously chocolate version of the mug cake. And let me tell you, this is everything, literally everything! One of the best parts is that this cake only takes 2 minutes in the microwave, ideal for those addicting chocolate lovers out there. Hope you enjoy this weeks blogpost, now let's jump into the recipe. 

Ingredients:   1 egg - 3 tsp milk - 3 tsp butter - 3 tsp flour - 1 pinch salt - 2 tsp sugar - 2 tsp brown sugar - 2 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder - 3 tsp chocolate chips - 1 small splash vanilla

Melt the butter and chop the chocolate into chips. Now mix everything together, starting with the dry ingredients and than the wet ones. Make sure everything is mixed well (including the egg). 
Put everything into a microwave save mug or mix everything in the mug itself. Now heat your mixture up for 2 minutes at 1000-watt. 

Your mug cake will be still moist when it's ready, but allow to cool down and you have yourself a deliciously chocolate mug cake. Bon Appétit everyone!

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