DIY Last minute Valentine Card !

Feb 14, 2016

Hi everyone!

Today's blogpost is a last minute DIY card for your Valentine. If you totally forgot about today is the day or you just want to impress with a lovely homemade card, than this DIY is just perfect for you. I promise you, your loved one is really gonna appreciate, you making this card from scratch and she/he will be thinking this was really difficult to make (while it's the most easiest of them all). I chose for the colors red and white but you can obviously change those up, you can play with different sizes, ... You can really go to town with this and make it your own. The hearts can also be replaced with other shapes, likea christmastree for Christmas or a bunny for Easter, litterally anything. Now let's jump into the DIY.

Things you will need:  white paper (thick) - colored paper of choice - cutting mat - cutter - glue (for paper uses) - pen or sharpie - ruler - folding bone (optional)

Things you will need.

Cut the white paper to the desired size (mine is 100 x 150mm). You can really use every size you want, square would be lovely aswell. 

Now fold the white paper in half. Use a folding bone (optional) for a clean finish. 

Now cut some hearts out of the colored paper. Making sure each heart is a bit smaller (or bigger) than the rest. The hearts should have a fold in the middle.  

Glue all the hearts together at the spine (the fold). Only the spine must be glued, not the sides. Than glue the hearts to the card. 

Now write something you love about your Valentine. And voila you are finished!

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