Diamond Hair Styler from Irresistible Me

Mar 7, 2016

Hi Girls!

I recently got sended a straightener / flat iron from Irresistible Me, to review. So today's blogpost is a full on review about the Diamond Hair Styler. I love reading reviews myself, since it gives you really in depth information you do want to know and you cannot often find on there website. The person really tried the products critically and can form an honest review about the products. Because I don't like to read long monotonously blogposts myself, I'll make it easy for you. I'll sum up the positive and negative, so you can find everything you need to know easily. Make sure to scroll down fully for before and after pictures. Now let's jump into the review!

 - The luxurious feeling of the packaging, there really goes some though into this.
 - The display of the straightener / flat iron, you can see clearly the temprature going up to 230°C and thanks to the intelligent heat display it's even easier.
 - How fast the straightener / flat iron heats up, especially comparing with my old straightener / flat iron.
 - How sleek and fast it straightens your hair, like literally no other! This really changed up my morning routine. I can be done within 5 minutes, with perfect sleek hair.
 - Thanks to the narrow plate I can create soft curls, the plates slides to my hair.
- The biggest surprise was how soft my hair felt, no more crispy or damaged feeling hair.

 - Wishing there was an european cord choice. For all my ladies who are living here, and want to try the products from Irresistible Me. I found the solution of using an universal adapter, which works fine but it's a bit inconvenience.
- Including a heat resistant mat where you can rest you hot straightener / flat iron on, so your counter doesn't burn.

Overall I really loved this product! A big change for me after using my old one over 5 years now. I'll definitely replace my old one by the Diamond Hair Styler. Just thinking about the time and effort I'll save. My hair will finally be on point everyday!

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