DIY off the shoulder shirt

May 3, 2016

Hi girls!

I recently found this old shirt from my brother and he was gonna get rit of it. I love the pattern of the shirt so must, so I decided to make a fun DIY out of it. The off the shoulder clothing pieces have been everywhere and are really trending right now. But why spend money on something you can easely create yourself. You can also make a really big shirt into an off the shoulder shirtdress or a crop top. This DIY is super versatile, you can create anything with it. Hope you like this post!

Please send me pictures if you recreate this DIY, using the #gorishelena on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, ... I would love to see your recreation.

Things you will need:  a big shirt - elastic - scissors - sewing machine (or needle and thread) - safety pins

You can get your elastic from something like an old short, recycle all the way!
Just cut of the extra fabric untill you're left with only the elactic.

Cut right above where the ruler is placed (from shoulder to shoulder).

Fold the edges inwards and pin it down with your safety pins.
Keep the width of your elastic in mind, while folding.

If your elastic is a circle, cut it so it's has an end and a beginning.
Pin a safety pin on the end, to slide the elatic easier through the shirt later.

Sew your fold down, the one you first pinned with your safety pins.

Now you have a gap (where the buttons are located) to slide you elastic through.
You just have to sew the two ends (of your elastic) together and you are done!

Voila! You created a trendy off the shoulder shirt in just minutes.

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