Crisp clean

Jun 28, 2016

Hi Guys! 

I'm really looking forward to my holiday in Miami and New York. Especially since the weather in Belgium is not really what we are used to in the summer, mostly it rains all the day. Aldo the weather is really bad, I'm still trying to dress summery throughout my outfit colors. Haven't been wearing these lovely white pants for a while. But I'm definitely gonna rock them more. I just love the crisp, clean look, with a pop color, in this case the khaki jacket. Nonetheless you can expect more summery outfits in my next blogpost which will be in Miami and New York. Hope you like it and have a lovely week! 

What I'm wearing:

Primark:  white top
Pieces:  white pants
Zara:  khaki jacket
Converse:  All Stars (low)
Michael Kors:  bag
Happiness Boutique: silver necklace
&OtherStories:  bracelet

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