My Fall / Autumn Beauty Essentials

Sep 19, 2016

Hi everyone!

I did a fall / autumn beauty essentials blogpost last year and I got alot of super positive feedback from you guys. That's why I got sure to make one this year. Fall time is possibly my favorite season of them all. It's just the perfect time for cosy evenings, bake offs and lovely getaways without it getting to cold.

I love to get inspiration from the colors of nature, especially this deep purple / burgundy color from NYX which I'm obsessed by! How can you not love that rich color on your lips for a special occasion or just beacause you want to, hey you go girl! Especially in combo with a really natural eye color, got my naked palette for my birthday and I'm in love, I don't want anything else; the quality, the color payoff, the colorrange,.. there is just nothing to compare this with. 

Since it's getting colder, fall is also the perfet time to really deep treat your dry spots on your body, but we often forget the little places that deserve some love to, like our cuticles. The secret to great manicures, after the obviously beautiful colors and the quality of the nailpolishes, are the well mentained cuticles. The Cuticle Nourshing Oil keeps it form getting to dry and unmanageable.

I also love using using oils, like tea tree oil for my skin. Just dap a little bit on the up coming spots your are getting and the next day it's gone. It works really really well and a little bit of this oil goes a really long way. I also love the smell, smells just like a spa, which I'm totally in for. There is literally nothing that tea tree can't help you with ;) Hope you like this beauty blogpost, let me know what you think, hope to hear from you soon! xo Helena

Beauty products I mentioned: from left to right.

1. Naked Palette - Urban Decay
2. Soft Matte Lip Cream (Budapest) - NYX
3. Tea Tree Oil - The Body Shop
4. Nailpolish (Road to Love) - Sephora
5. Cuticle Nourshing Oil - ProNails

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