Concrete tealight holder DIY!

Oct 25, 2016

Hi guys !

I recently made this super cool tealight holder out of concrete/cement. The perfect DIY for upcommin fall/autumn to make it feel extra cosy. I just love this rustic feeling that the unfinished concrete/cement gives, especially in combination of a pillow-form which normally would be super silky and soft. You could paint it with spray paint but I didn't because I loved the grey natural color in my white interior. The tealight itself has a gold-color casing and fits just perfect with the concrete/cement. Hope you like this DIY, and if you recreate this, please send me pictures on my Instagram.

Things you will need:
Concrete/cement (quick drying) - Swizzle stick - Container - Spray paint (optional) - Resealable plastic bags - Tealights

The things you will need.

Read the instructions of your concrete/cement to make it into a paste.

Pour the paste into your plastic bags but not too full and close it. Than press the tealight on the bag to make it look like a pillow. Let the concrete/cement fully dry ! You can open the seal a bit (ones it looks dry) so the air comes into the bag. Than let it dry again.

Just cut the bag open when it's fully dry and voila you have a super cool tealight holder ! 

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