Marble waffles recipe

Dec 11, 2016

Hi everyone,

I made these waffles yesterday from a recipe I found and they where super delicous so I decided to share this with you guys on my blog. These 'half vanilla' and 'half chocolate' waffles are are the perfect comfort food for your lazy sunday! There super easy to make and take no time at all. You can find everything you need and the step by step instructions below, hope you like it! And if you do decided to make it, please send me you pictures on my social links :) I love hearing from you guys!


- 300g sugar
- 300g pastry flour
- 400g soft butter
- half tsp baking powder
- vanillasugar
- 6 eggs
- pinch of salt
- 40g cacaopowder

Step by step instructions:

1. Put the flour, sugar, vanillasugar, salt and bakingpowder in a bowl and mix them together.
2. Than put the eggs and butter in the mixure aswell and mix untill one combined dough.
3. Put half of the dough in an other bowl and leave the other half in the bowl it allready was. Add the cacaopowder in one half, mix it well.
4. Now you have a vanilla dough and a cacaodough, you can scoop one spoon of each in the waffle iron and they will melt together for you.
5. After they come out the waffle iron, let them cool down. And voila you have the perfect lazy suday, marmer waffles.

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