True Spring

May 2, 2017

Hi Guys!

With the ups and downs of March and April, spring slowly comes around the corner. We had some really sunny days before, but they never lastest that long and now it's slowly turning into true Spring here in Belgium. And I am super excited about it. It’s that time of year when you have to start caring for all the bits you’ve neglected over the winter months but you can still combine it with some of your favorite fall/winter clothes, you can't let go of. And for me it's definally my long coat, it just fit with everyting in my waredrobe and you can easily chuck it on and your outfit is ready to go. I have been noticing that my google comments aren't showing up anymore, but I'm definitely working hard on it. To get it back online. Hope you have a good day xo

What I'm wearing: 

New Look: long coat
Brandy Melville: sweater
Zara: jeans
Adidas: snakeprint sneakers
Rosefield: watch
Brandy Melville: bracelet

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