My autumn/winter beauty favorites

Nov 19, 2017

Hi guys! 

Long time no speak, hope're all well! Alot of big things recently happend in live but I'm super happy to be back and share with you guys my beauty favorites of the season. These are my holy grails, products I can't live without. Products I'm happy to share with you guys. You can find every detail of what I'm talking about down below, hope you enjoy xo Helena

The Body Shop - Tea tree oil
I love using using oils, like tea tree oil for my skin. Just dap a little bit on the up coming spots your are getting and the next day it's gone. It works really really well and a little bit of this oil goes a really long way. I also love the smell, smells just like a spa, which I'm totally in for. There is literally nothing that tea tree can't help you with.

Origins - Energie Boosting Moisturiser
I've always been using my Nivea moisturiser, which I mentioned in previously blogposts, still love that one to pieces. But it's so fun to try something new, right? I knew Origins was a great brand, but never tried the energy-boosting moisture before and it's perfect for all seasons. In the summer it's perfect for it's high SPF and in the autumn / winter the orangey send can really lift you up, it gives that kickstart of the day. Obsessed, that's all I can say.
Amethyste professional - Colouring mask silver
 Since I have my coloured blonde hair I've been told by my hairdresser, that this mask will be my next best friend. And oh boy was she right, it will keep your hair feeling soft and not damaged because of the bleach. It helps with keeping the perfect blond color, since color can change over time and it can turn a bit orange. I'm loving the results, this is seriously one of my holy grail items. I can't recommend this product enough if your planning on getting your hair dyed blonde.

Essie - Angora Cardi
The next autumn / winter essential is one of the most obvious one. Yes, I'm talking about nailpolish. I got the really beautiful burgundy one from Essie. It's like taking the classic red but with a fall / autumn twist. I'm such a fan of the color but evenmore of the formula, I doesn't chip and last for more than 5 days. Really recommend this brand !

Chanel - Coco mademoiselle oil
When we jump into fall / autumn I get a new favorite scent. Which has a much more warm, strong feeling to it. Like my Coco mademoiselle from Chanel. I got the oil version because I like that the scent stays locked on my skin and leaves the skin feeling silky soft aswell. Love this two-in-one combo, especially when the dry oil is just perfect for this autumn / winter season. 

Christian Louboutin - Velvet matte lipstick in Bengali
I love to get inspiration from the holidays colours, especially this perfect red color from Louboutin, which I'm obsessed by! I was super lucky to get this lipstick for major discount, because I know how expensive it is. I never thought I would be saying it, but I feel like the lipstick is totally worth it. Just love the velvet finish and the staying power. How can you not love that exclusive red color on your lips for a special occasion, especially with the holidays around the corner!

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