What I got for Christmas 2017

Jan 2, 2018

Hi everyone!

Happy New Year to you all! Let 2018 be a year full of excitement! I promised in my last blogpost I'll show my annual 'What I got for Christmas'. I've been doing this for the third time now and you guys have been loving it. I love watching these kind of blogposts myself, whenever I'm in need of an awesome gift idea. And to be honest I'm just so curious to see what other people got for Christmas. This year I got a lot of homeware and kitchenware, since me and my boyfriend are planning on moving in together this year. What did you guys get for Christmas? I would love to see you guys 'What I got for Christmas', leave your links down below! Have a lovely day! xo Helena 
(Don't forget all the details are down below)

What I got: 

Hema - Golden corkscrew
Pixel Art - Tamagotchi
CD Imagine Dragons - Evolve
Masterchef - serving and appetizers bowls
Magnani - Kitchen knife set
Cheeseporn - Cheeseplate with gold cheese knifes
Nike - black and white sneakers
Bongo bon - Breakfast with champagne voucher
Havermoutje - Book all about oatmeal
Slimste Mens Ter Wereld - family game (expansion pack)
Cusinier Deluxe - Table BBQ 

I also got a lovely bottle of red wine and a lot of scratch cards.

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