SodaStream detox recipe | Citrus vibes

Feb 9, 2018

Hi everyone! 

I have a super fun post in store for you guys today! The citrus vibes are perfect to get out of the winter blues. Recently I got send a SodaStream Spirit Sparkling and I'm obsessed! It got me thinking about the endless possibilities of different types of cocktails, mocktails, detox, ... you have. It's a staple if you love to be a perfect host, you can make everyone there own unique drink. And since in 'Tournee Mineral' is back this February (in Belgium and The Netherlands), it felt like the perfect timing!

So in today's blogpost I have a deliciously citrus detox recipe for you guys, super simple. I don't need to tell you guys what detox means? It's hot and everywhere, and you can't blame the hype! Detox drinks are great for cleansing the toxics out of your body. Detox drinks helps to uplift your energie and takes care for a healthy skin. 

The ingredients you will need: a SodaStream - lemon and lime syrup - orange syrup - grapefruit - lemon - lime - fresh mint - ice cubes (optional)

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Start by cutting your citrus fruits in slices. 

I chose grapefruit, lime and lemon but honestly you can do any fruit you love. 

Fill up your SodaStream bottle with water and make gorgeous bubbles to taste.

One you have everything ready by hand, pour half a cap of the lemon line syrup
and half a cap of the orange syrup in the water bottle. 

Once you shake up the syrup in the water, it's time to put your slices and mint leaves into the bottle. 
Leave the bottle, at leased for 1 hour to sit. The tast will develop over time. 

And voila! It's ready to serve! 

I'm super excited about this recipe! If you do try it yourself please
let me know by #gorishelena. Love to see your pictures!!!

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