May through pictures

Jun 4, 2018

Hi everyone!

Today's blogpost is all about my month may. I thought having an other a recap was a fun post idea! Posted this for February and really enjoy making it! Most of all, I love the idea I can recap on a specific month so easily in the future. So all memories will be right here on my blog! I don't know, but that idea just put a smile on my face. Hope you guys like these type of posts too! Most of my recaps pictures comes from my Instagram! Which you can always follow me on, I upload 3 times a week. Now without further a do, let's jump into my monthly catch up for May!

Went to Lisbon this month, love love love this city. We had such a perfect view from our balcony. 

Ofcourse tried the delicious 'Pasteis de Belem', now I'm hooked!

Obsessed with the architecture of Lisbon, so beautiful, the city had definitely it's modern and classic feel at the same time! 

My and me boyfriend love to go on little citytrips like this, planning on going on many many more!

Just love these breathtaking details of the city!

Chopped my hair of this month, to shoulder length. Always wanted to cut it like this, and finally had the guts to do it!

Having a blast on work, we had a lot of shooting days this month. Always excited about those days. 

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